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White Requiem

Journal of a Law Clerk Sorcerer

I'm currently in college at USF.
I work as a law clerk for an estate law firm.
I really like my job even if it does tire the shit out of me.
My major is english.
Considering double majoring in law.
Lawyers make good money.
Dandelion rocks. (Don't ask if you don't know)
My crew that I spend time with is fucking awesome.
The gods of D and D can be merciful and cruel at times.
Especially when you get pwned by a molotov cocktail.
I'm a smoker. My friends all care very much and worry about this habit of mine but well.. We all die of something.
I <3 Beer.
Bacardi and sugar water is a baaad combo for me. Never again.
That's really all there is to say unless you personally know me, and then you need no further explanation.

Oh yeah....

I Pinch!